Monday, June 1, 2009

things you do...........

This is where you can tell things you usually do when you at home after school are on school breaks(summer vacation,sping break,and more).


Anonymous said...

Hey Richard hows it going? :) I just got back back from my family vacation to Panama. It was the BEST!!!!!!!!!! I had so much fun while I was down there. I just wanted to check up with you.

P.S. Some day now or later, I will make my mom call your mom so that we can plan I time to get to geather.

your friend,
Nathan(see you in middle school!)

Richard said...

Nathan i probibly see you on my birthday in Aug.see you then.

P.S. have you seen jeffrey or any body else seen may.

Richard said...

Sorry Nathan for telling you that you can come over in can come any day show this to your mom this to see when you can come over if you can over on sunday we will take at 12:oo.